Double Doors: A New Screen Solution

Secret Screen is proud to introduce an affordable, effective, and easy to install screen door for French doors. In the past, there were zero insect screening options for French (double) doors. Along came the sideways retractable screens, but they cost a fortune. Now you can use our revolutionary pull-down retractable screen doors for French doors, and for the same amazing low price!

For French doors, the screen will cover one side of the double doors, leaving the other side closed, as shown in Figure 1.

To make this possible, we have developed a new fitting, the extensible hook, that attaches to the closed side of the double doors. This device allows the screen to be held at variable lengths from the front of the closed door, enabling the screen to barely clear the center stile of the door frame. This prevents bugs from entering the house. Figure 2 shows a side-view detail of the extensible hook.

The correct width screen will span the open side of the double doors, from the door frame to just past the center stile. The center stile is attached to the closed door and juts out for the open door to butt up against. Figure 3 shows a top-down view of where the screen will go.

(To see more pictures and a video of the screen use on a single door click here)

Secret Screen pull-down screen doors have many names: retractable screen door, invisible screen door, hidden screen door, roll up screen door.