Frequently Asked Questions: and Answers

Do you make horizontal retractable screens?

I'm sorry, but we don't offer horizontal retractable screens.

Our screen is better than the sideways retracting screen for several reasons:
1) it is much more affordable;
2) you can install it yourself very easily;
3) when not in use, it is completely out of the way.

To prevent bugs from entering, the screen fits closely to each side of the door frame and in front of the door jamb. The tension of the spring roller against the hold-down hooks in the bottom corners of the door frame keeps the screen taut across the door opening. Our screen has a clutch system so that it retracts smoothly and safely. The tension is easily adjustable to suit your needs.
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Secret Screen pull-down screen doors have many names: retractable screen door, invisible screen door, hidden screen door, roll up screen door.