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Can I open and close the retractable screens from either inside or out?

Our retractable screen opens very easily from either inside or out by simply popping the bar out at the bottom with your toe. Then the screen rolls up smoothly and safely.

You can also deploy the screen easily from either inside or out by pulling it down and engaging the bottom bar with the hold-down hooks. There is even an easy way to engage the screen without bending over:

1) standing up straight, let out screen with your hands until it hangs down just below the hold-down hooks,

2) with your toe push the bottom bar to where the pegs at the end engage with the hold down hooks,

3) let the screen take up the tension until the screen is tight.

There is a good picture of how the screen attaches at the bottom here.
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Secret Screen pull-down screen doors have many names: retractable screen door, invisible screen door, hidden screen door, roll up screen door.