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Does Secret Screen offer invisible screen doors for double doors? (aka French doors)

Our French (double) door screens are designed to go on one side of double doors, leaving the other door closed . The price is the same as for a single door, plus the small cost of the special fitting for French doors.

Usually on double doors, one of the doors locks to the door frame in the middle of the door way at the top and bottom. Then the other door closes against that door. The piece that the other door closes against is the center stile. On some doors it is really big, and on some doors it is small. That's why we have the adjustable hook.

When measuring for your screen you want it to go past the center stile and get as much overlap as possible so that you get better closure. Just be careful that you don't get it so wide that it will go over the windows in the stationary door.

To see how our new double door screen works, please direct your browser here. See Figure 3 and the caption before it for measurement instructions If you decide to purchase one, then you can add the option for double doors in the Purchase pages.
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Secret Screen pull-down screen doors have many names: retractable screen door, invisible screen door, hidden screen door, roll up screen door.