Frequently Asked Questions: and Answers

What colors do the retractable screen doors come in?

All screens come with all black fiberglass mesh screen materials. We use Phifer Wire™ Elite fiberglass mesh screen material. Sorry, we no longer offer the striped screen material do to supply issues.

The valance is the piece that covers the screen main housing. It is the only thing visible when the screen is not in use. Valance options include off-white painted wood (choose this if you plan to paint to match your house), white faux wood (weatherproof), and a variety of stained woods: cottage pine, maple, golden oak, or walnut. There are pictures of the different valances here on Step 2 of Purchase pages of our website.
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Secret Screen pull-down screen doors have many names: retractable screen door, invisible screen door, hidden screen door, roll up screen door.